Loft Conversions In Wimbledon – A Convenient Solution

There comes a time in every family when there just isn’t enough space and if you think you are at that point, why not consider a loft conversion in Wimbledon.

Within Greater London, property prices are at very high levels, despite the economic turndown and the mortgage famine, so it makes a lot of sense to make the most of the unused space in your loft rather than put your own house on the market, wait for ages for a buyer and then have all of the trauma of finding a new place and moving.

With good schools at such a premium it is important to take catchment areas into consideration before moving an inch – so converting the loft is a great way to get that extra bedroom or study for the children without that risk.

There are a number of loft conversion companies operating in Wimbledon and you will of course approach a few before making your final choice. Although there will be a number of considerations to take into account before you pick the one you will use for the project, there are a few very basic things to bear in mind:-

1. You will have these people in the house for up to two months, although with  the Loftus ProFastBuild system as much as 80% of the major works is done in our dedicated workshop and not in your home.

2. The project is a major one which will affect your house for ever – do you trust them? If you ask any questions about planning restrictions, building regulations compliance or budget and you don’t like the answers, then think again.

3. You want to end up with just what you want – will your loft conversion company provide a set of project plans and will they change them if you are unhappy? If the answer is no, then you really must think again.

4. Do you get a guarantee? With Loftus Design and Build you get ten years, backed by insurance; anything less than this should make you think again.

It is very easy to find the right loft conversions, Wimbledon or any other area having the same set of criteria. You need fast work, achieving what you want and coming in within budget.

At Loftus Design and Build we have a unique method of converting your loft space called ProFastBuild in which sections of the build are prefabricated off site, making the whole procedure much quicker, possibly halving the time the builders are in your house. As this upheaval can cause a lot of stress, any shortening of the time is a wholesale jerseys real bonus and with 80% of the dust, rubbish and noise Oakleys sunglasses Outlet happens in our workshops, not your house.

You will also get a free consultation with the chief surveyor, which gives you a golden opportunity to ask all the questions you want and also share all your hopes for the project.

Looking for a professional loft builder for your Wimbeldon home?

When you type ‘Loft Conversions Wimbledon’ into the search engine, it is the first SA3D step on the road to more room in your home – moving up, not out!

The Loftus ‘off-site’ build system can be done without planning and uses the most innovative building techniques– all fully compliant with current building regulations – to ensure you get to enjoy your dream space as quickly as possible and with less jordans for sale mess, less stress and less fees.
PLUS you’ll have real peace of mind with our 10 year guarantee – provided through the market leader for Deposit and Guarantee Fake Oakleys Insurance within the Home Improvement Industry.

Call us on 0845 hockey jerseys 519 7391 for expert advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation, site survey and estimate.