The first step in your journey to having a brilliant Chiswick attic conversion is to work with Loftus Design and Build’s designer to create your loft conversion plans. If you are not familiar with plan views of rooms, don’t worry. Our designer will be able oakley womens sunglasses to share with you many loft conversion plans examples together with the pictures of the finished project, to show you how we get from paper to the wonderful room you want. Chiswick loft conversion plans cost no extra when you use us – our quote includes everything, with no added extras.


Helping you join the dots

If you have never seen plans of a project before, you may find things a little confusing, but Loftus Design and Build are here to make things crystal clear. Your Chiswick loft conversion ideas have to be turned into a plan view so that we can accurately predict your loft conversion costs – it will also be a vital component in the next stage, which is building all the elements we can at our workshop; this is how we keep our prices down. If your loft conversion needs planning permission, we will use the plans for the submission. This is unlikely, as most loft conversions come under the remit of ‘permitted cheap ray bans development’ – we have years of experience in this, so will be able to advise you should permissions be necessary.


Can you use my DIY loft conversion jordan retro 1 plans I already have?

Loftus Design and Build often find that clients have begun the project with some DIY plans and cheap jerseys we are always pleased to see them. We can use them as a springboard to further development of the Chiswick loft conversion ideas and as long as Cheap Jordans they are well drawn and accurate, can guide us and the client to make sure that the final product is what everyone wants. As a rule, though, plans that you have drawn up yourself will not be enough for our purposes, as complete accuracy is vital to make sure of a properly made finished room or rooms.


You can easily book a free, no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate for your Chiswick loft conversion by calling 0845 519 7391 or if you would prefer, contacting us online by filling in the form below. Our experienced and friendly staff can help you with any preliminary questions you may have before meeting our designer, so don’t hesitate demezdim… to ask when you call.