Loftus Design and Build would love to discuss your Richmond loft conversion ideas with you cheap football jerseys – we have loads of experience and have converted lofts across London and the South but are always open to a new idea. Richmond homes come in all shapes and sizes and so do the options – even if you and your neighbour both have attic conversions at the same time, Cheap Jerseys your loft conversion ideas for stairs, to take one example, are going to be completely different. Loft conversions are not peas in cheap jordans online a pod, so using Loftus Design and Build makes sense – we make every single piece of the project by hand in our workshops so no two are ever the same.


Why a loft conversion?

Most people opt for a loft conversion because they would rather maximise space than move. When you have the perfect location, with children settled at school and perhaps even local employment for you, you don’t want the upheaval of moving house just because you need an extra bedroom. These days, with property prices still on the upward curve, many adult children have returned to live with parents and this can put a lot of pressure on any family. In Richmond, loft conversion gallery ideas are proving very popular, as they are a cost effective way of turning a bedroom into a suite, without disrupting the rest of the house to install a staircase. It gives a person privacy and also provides a sitting room with nba jerseys sales mezzanine bedroom.


And baby makes … too many!

One of the nicest reasons for needing to start on Richmond loft conversion plans is that there is a baby on the way. A new bedroom for the older children is a good way of making them feel special as well as giving you the room you need. When you use Loftus Design and Build, you don’t need to worry that the child will be at school before the project is done. Using our unique ProFastBuild system, we prefabricate up to 80% of the elements of the conversion in our workshops and then fit them in your home, meaning less mess and a time on-site of, typically, three weeks. Despite the speed you needn’t worry about quality – we only use the best materials and all lofts come with our ten year guarantee.


If you would like to book a free no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate or to chat about your Richmond loft conversion plans, give us a call on 0845 519 7391. You will receive Cheap Jerseys From China a fast, friendly and efficient service, with 100만원추가대출 minimal upheaval. If you would prefer to, you can contact us online by filling in the form below. Why wait? Pick up the phone now and get your dream loft conversion on the path to becoming a reality.