Experts in Loft Conversions in Fulham

Loftus Design and Build is one of the fastest companies offering Fulham loft conversions, because of our tried and tested ProFastBuild method whereby most of the construction – and therefore mess, dust, noise and all the other inconvenience – takes place in our dedicated workshop, not all over your house.

One of the reasons given by people who decide not to go for a loft conversion in the end is that they can’t face the mess for possibly months – if you plump for us when it comes to choosing between loft conversion companies in Fulham, you will only have workers in your house for around three weeks and in that time there will be hardly any mess because all we will be doing is installing ready-fabricated pieces and finishing off.

Fulham loft conversions are becoming a popular alternative to moving. Once you have found a house you really love in an area that oakley outlet suits you, it is often too much of an upheaval to go through all the hassle of getting your house up cheap ray bans together to suit potential buyers, finding the right agent, having viewers traipsing through and then getting no sale for possibly years. By extending your house into the garden, you often end up with no outside space, as gardens are often small in the Fulham area.

Moving up into the attic is both space effective and cost effective; although the average price of Fulham loft conversions is around £35 -40,000 it is still far cheaper than up-sizing and with Loftus Design and Build on the job you will find that the whole thing can be completed surprisingly quickly. Don’t worry that our quick work means inferior quality – we are happy to provide you with a ten-year guarantee on our work, which is backed Cheap Ray Bans by insurance F.Image so you will have peace of mind for the future.

Loftus Design and Build can create almost any room you fancy in your loft space, even if you have a truss roof, a type of construction which many builders can’t cope with. Many people decide on a loft conversion to make room as their family grows and this makes a lot of sense. Giving a growing child their own space – especially if you can include a bathroom for added privacy – will help them study and also helps them with independence. With many grown up children returning home after further education, this can mean that there is less disruption and many people say that these years are the happiest they have known.

When you are looking around for loft conversion companies, Fulham, you will find that we Cheap NFL Jerseys here at cheap nfl jerseys Loftus understand what you need – with so many attic extensions under our belts, we really know what the customer is looking for and it is our pleasure to deliver.

Call us on 0845 519 7391 for expert advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation, site survey and estimate.