Having found the perfect location you won’t want to leave your lovely Richmond home, but sometimes things just get a little too cramped for comfort. If you feel this is happening to you, you may have thought of an extension, but are unwilling to lose even part of your garden, so a loft conversion is the next obvious choice. The trouble with those is that they create a lot of mess and hassle, don’t they, as well as being pricey? If you come to Loftus Design and Build the answer to both of those issues is a simple ‘No’. Our Richmond loft conversion costs 2015 are still as competitive cheap nfl jerseys as they have always been because of our unique prefabricating method which cuts time (and therefore money) and mess. So a loft conversion is very possible.


Cheaper than a move

If cheap nfl jerseys shop you take into account all the costs associated with a move, the cost of converting a loft is very much less. There are no fees for listings, che no percentage of sale price, no removals men, storage or other associated costs with packing. The children won’t have to move schools with all the costs of new uniforms and your journey to work will be the same. The only thing different will be the increased space you have and all this without so much as emptying a drawer. replica oakleys A loft conversion quote is free and easy to arrange from Loftus Design and Build, so why not give us a call today and start the ball rolling – it is all obligation-free Cheap Ray Bans as well.


Decide what you need

Obviously, Richmond attic conversion costs will vary widely depending on what you want done. A simple bedroom or playroom will be cheapest, with additional costs for things like dormer windows and plumbing for a bathroom. Even so, we recommend that you work out a budget and use all of it if you can, because it is many times easier to include everything at the beginning than to add it later on. Also, you need to look ahead – your baby may be tiny today but it won’t seem like five minutes before he is a great hulking teenager, so include growing children in your loft conversion plans – you will be glad you did later on.


If you would like to book a free no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate for your Richmond loft conversion, give us a call on 0845 519 7391. cheap oakleys Our work is guaranteed for ten years, included in the price. You also can look forward to a fast and efficient service, with minimal upheaval. If you would prefer to, you can contact us online by filling in the form below. We’re waiting for your call.