If you have found your perfect home in the lovely county of Sussex, you won’t want to move just 21:53:04 because you need more room. Apart from anything else, the difference in price between your home and the next one up in size might be prohibitive and if your children are happy in school and you have the garden just so at last, it would be a shame to move. Adding a room in the loft may be just the answer for you – it is often cheaper than up-sizing and of course there are none of the downsides of relocating; you keep the same neighbours, the same friends, the same commute to work. All that changes is that the family is not falling over itself to find room to sit down! Our feedback from customers is that adding a loft conversion has been an all-round excellent fake oakleys experience – there is no worry about the children being upset at leaving their friends ray ban sale and the disruption is minimal.


What can be achieved?

Sussex loft conversions come in all different shapes and sizes – the architectural sweep of ray ban sunglasses the county is wide and homes are all ages and styles. Some might be listed in which case planning permission may be needed, but for the vast majority, a loft conversion will come under ‘permitted development’ and so will not be hard to arrange. Many people find that they use the room created by their attic conversion as a family room when it is complete – this is a great use for it as it is frequently the biggest single living space in the home. Others decide at the outset to create a small suite of rooms, with one or two bedrooms and a bathroom – this is ideal for growing children who need a little more autonomy.


Why Loftus Design and Build?

We have been in oakley sunglasses sale the business of creating loft conversions for years and have huge experience in every size and type of project. We have developed a system of building which we call ProFastBuild which means that as much as 80% of the work is done in our workshops and not in your house. This means that not only is the on-site presence much shorter but that the mess we create at that stage is much less. For most people this alone is the reason they come to us but we are able to charge much lower rates because of the saving on manpower, so you will get a first rate, top quality loft conversion for a very affordable price, almost always Fake Oakleys the lowest of any quotes you may get for the same project. If you think this sounds like something you would like to investigate, check us out on the number below.