Having found your ideal home in Hillingdon, you won’t want to move unless you really must, so to have to do so just to gain a bit more space would be a shame. Up-sizing can be so expensive that many people persevere in trying to fit a quart into a pint pot and this can create a lot of stress in the family. Instead of going to all the expense and hassle of a move, why not consider a loft conversion instead? Although there is some building work, you won’t have to move out, there is no packing to be done, no agent’s fees to find and no strangers tramping through your house turning up their noses at Cheap Football Jerseys your décor! You get to stay in your beloved home, your kids stay at the same school and yet, as if by magic, you have the room you always needed.


How will you use yours?

When planning a loft conversion, many people come to Loftus Design and Build and say that they will be using it as jordan retro 11 a family room or a playroom, but when they see our before and after pictures, they have つけ麺 a rethink and make it into a pamper suite for themselves! We can do almost anything with your roofspace, from a single room (which makes a great cinema room, by the way) to a wonderful bedroom with en suite bathroom. If you have an adult child who has come home after education, a mezzanine gallery in their bedroom is a great alternative to a full attic conversion and keeps disruption to a minimum, as the staircase is contained inside the original room.


But it’s messy, surely?

There is some mess, of course, but with our unique ProFastBuild method, it is kept to an absolute cheap nfl jerseys minimum. Where other contractors will arrive at your property and proceed to hammer, saw, plane and drill, most of the preliminary work ray ban outlet of this sort is done in our workshop, keeping the disruption, noise and flying dust with it. This means that while 80% of the work cheap nba jerseys is being done, your home is still peaceful, quiet and tidy. When eventually the time comes for us to start work in your house, we make sure that we clean up as we go and within (on average) three weeks, we will be gone, leaving you with nothing but a lovely new room in your loft.


Will we need planning permission?

We find that in general, loft conversions come under ‘permitted development’ which means they don’t have to go to the planning office. If you live in a listed building or have very special requirements, we may need to submit plans, but with many hundreds of loft conversions to our credit, this always goes seamlessly and we can get on with the job in hand.