Many people are choosing attic conversions in Essex these days to solve the perennial problem of having no room to swing a cat. When you have found the perfect location, near to good schools and transport options, it is a wrench to move just because you need wholesale jerseys china another bedroom. An Essex loft conversion costs less than a move in any case, especially if you cheap jordans for sale are up-sizing and a Loftus Design and Build installation could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Our unique ProFastBuild Modular Off-Site Loft Conversions and Home Extensions Construction System  that discount football jerseys most of the work is done off site and we normally only take one working day to install and make your loft watertight. This is a huge improvement on more traditional methods which can create mess and upheaval for many weeks. With us, from start to finished room is usually around four weeks.

Tell us what you want

You probably have some loft conversion cheap jerseys ideas of your own and we love to hear exactly what you want – we have installed most styles of loft but we are always interested in new ideas. Dormer windows are frequently left out of people’s thoughts because they fear they will make the project too costly, but this is not so. They do add a little, of course, but are well worth it when you consider the extra headroom and light they bring to your new room.

Loftus Design and Build will take your project through from the first plans to the perfect new bedroom, bathroom or whatever you want. Cheap Jerseys Some people have been told by other builders that their loft is not suitable but they shouldn’t be downhearted; we can work with most roof constructions, so call us to see if we can help.

Your new attic room starts with Loftus

We have written a downloadable free guide which will answer most of what we find are our customers’ frequently asked questions it has loads of ideas and information within its pages; and it’s just one click away. If you still have queries about your projected loft conversion contact us to schedule a telephone consultation. Our very friendly and experienced staff will be very happy to help. When you decide that a loft conversion is what you want, the next stage is a site survey and an estimate.

And of course all Wolf three of our services are free and come with no obligations for you to proceed.