Loft Conversion Companies

Loft Conversion Companies – telling the good guys from the cowboys

When you take the big step of deciding that a loft conversion is for you and you have the finance in place and a good idea of that you want the finished product to look at, you then have to decide which of the many loft conversion companies London has to offer will be the one which gets your business.

With the average loft conversion costing around £35,000 and bearing in mind that the work will substantially change your house for ever, it is vitally important that you choose the right company from the outset; although it is possible to put right someone else’s wrong, it is neither cheap nor easy.

Most people consider themselves to be good judges of character and they would pride themselves in being able to tell a dodgy trader from a reputable loft conversions company because of all the TV programmes that show you how to spot a cowboy but the sad fact is that cowboys watch the television too and are up to most of the tricks and are one step ahead as a rule.

Even so, it is easy to sort out the good companies from bad by asking a few pertinent questions and if necessary tying the firm you choose down by requesting paperwork and testimonials.

Ask the builder if they are loft conversion specialists, rather than a company that undertakes general repairs and extensions. If they say they are specialists and you are doubtful, ask them about local planning restrictions and how they would deal with any problems regarding a party wall. If they can’t give you chapter and verse on the spot, they are unlikely to be specialists as they claim and should be avoided.

On the subject of money, ask who will be responsible for the project management. There needs to be a named person who you can contact if you have any concerns or questions and if no name or phone number is forthcoming, then you should look elsewhere. Preferably the number should be an 0845 or a landline – mobile numbers are not really enough in these circumstances.

Ask about time scale. Loft conversion builders can take as long as eight to ten weeks to complete the job, which is a long time to have workmen in the house.

Loftus Design and Build make most of the structural pieces off site, meaning that you not only get your loft conversion done more quickly but also you only have about one fifth the noise and mess, which will mean that the job as a whole will be much less stressful for you.

Looking for a professional loft conversion company?

Our work comes with a ten year guarantee as well, fully underwritten, which is one thing that most Loft Conversion Companies don’t provide.

If you need a professional and reputable builder to convert your loft space in London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire or surrounding areas, then give us a call on 0845  519 7391 or complete the contact form and claim your FREE no obligation consultation with our Chief Surveyor. 

Our unique ‘off-site’ build system can be done without planning and uses the most innovative building techniques– all fully compliant with current building regulations – to ensure you get to enjoy your dream space as quickly as possible and with less mess, less stress and less fees.