Loft Conversion Companies London

Top 5 Tips For Choosing Loft Conversion Companies In London

It might seem at first that it is an impossible task to choose between all of the loft conversion companies in London, but in fact by following a few simple tips it is really quite simple.

1. Check the website

If you enter ‘loft conversion companies London’ you will get quite a lot of hits, so it is easiest to just work down from the top. You will find that some of the websites will put you off straight away, by being slow to load, having an old fashioned look which implies the company is not moving with the times or, worst of all, having typos or really bad grammar on the home page.

Although some very good companies have some very bad websites, as a rule of thumb you should remember – second rate website usually equals second rate company.

2. Check the testimonials

Most companies realise nowadays that they need to have testimonials from clients available. Many will list themselves as one of the top recommended loft conversion companies in London, or similar hyperbole, but without concrete recommendations from previous clients, this is meaningless.

If you feel that the testimonials are not real, ask to speak to someone – if the details are not forthcoming, this is a company to avoid.

3. Compare what you get for the money

Don’t just go by price. A bottom line on the quotation is no help at all if you don’t know what you get for it. Loft conversions in London usually cost in the region of £35,000 (depending on size of loft and fixtures chosen by the home owner) and if the estimate is very much lower than that you should be suspicious and check every part of the specifications to see what you are getting for the price.

4. Meet the builder

You will have your builders in the house for quite a while – possibly up to 10 weeks – so you really need to know that you feel comfortable with them being around.

By definition, an attic conversion means that your house becomes a bit of a thoroughfare and you can’t hide away all the time. If you feel at all pressured by the sales technique or anything else, you should think again.

5. Choose a local firm if you can

There are enough loft conversion companies in west London, to take an example, to mean that you can have a builder who knows the area well. This will help when it comes to local building restrictions, party wall issues and similar problems which can crop up, because they have probably met them before.

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