Dormer Loft Conversion

3 Reasons You Should Get A Dormer Loft Conversion

A bungalow is a very popular choice for small families or for people who have retired, but sometimes it is necessary to increase its size and this is something that often creates a problem. Because a bungalow takes up more room on the plot than a house with the same number of rooms, there is often not much space to expand.

Also, the addition of a room will often rob another of windows; the best that you can usually expect if you want to make a bungalow bigger is that the rooms increase in size, not number. This is not always the result that the owner is looking for and this is where dormer loft conversions come in.

1. More rooms without loss of light.

A dormer loft conversion has no impact on the rooms downstairs, except for the addition of a staircase. This can often be included in the hall without loss of living space, as bungalows often have large entrance halls anyway. Some people who want to have a dormer conversion are put off because they have a truss roof and have been told that these cannot be converted.

Loftus design and build are specialists in creating dormer conversions in these circumstances and this underlines the need to make sure you have a specialist company on your project.

2. Little impact on neighbours.

Extensions can be difficult because of problems with neighbours. A dormer loft extension is something that usually causes few issues because, apart from the dormer windows, the profile of the building remains unchanged.

There is therefore no problem with boundaries and other common neighbour disputes, because there should be nothing that will affect your next door property. If your bungalow is semi-detached, you might need to check on the party wall situation, but your builder will be able to do this for you very easily.

If you think your neighbour might be concerned about lack of garden privacy, then you can always have the dormer window facing the road.

3. Added warmth on the ground floor.

Many bungalow dwellers complain that they can be a little chilly in winter. As long as the roof insulation on the dormer conversion is adequate, a room in the loft will certainly make the whole building cosier.

A popular option for people who opt for dormer loft extensions is that the new room becomes a sitting room or family room, leaving all of the bedrooms together downstairs.

This is certainly the answer if the children are young as you wouldn’t want to sleep on another floor, but if they are older a dormer room makes an ideal place for them to relax and entertain their friends, up in their snug and private little kingdom.

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