Attic Loft Conversion

Pros And Cons Of Attic Loft Conversion

Choosing to enlarge your home by means of an attic loft conversion is not something that most people decide on lightly. There are lots of things to consider although often the cost is the main element in coming to any decision.

With the average London attic loft conversion coming in at as much as £40,000 it is essential that any homeowner considering this option looks at the average cost of homes in their area.

If by adding the cost of the conversion on to any outstanding mortgage on the property, the amount of loan exceeds what they could expect to get on the current market, it is a good idea to hold back until the market changes, or possible choose another cheaper route.

So, Con #1 could be considered to be: – Cost.

Cost could also be Pro #1. If the house you are in is too small but everything else about it is just right – location being the main reason most people stay put – then approaching an attic conversion company to look at that possibility is a very sensible choice.

Although this can be pricey it is often much cheaper than moving within the area to a larger property; the price gap to obtain just one more bedroom – let alone another couple of rooms plus en suite, for example – is usually far more than the cost of converting the attic.

Built in to this same consideration is the knotty problem about deposits and what happens if something goes wrong. IWA insurance is a  that ensures that your ‘money is safe’ if a loft building company don’t complete the job satisfactorily.

This is yet another reason for using a reputable attic conversion company, as this scheme is the norm for them; only cowboys take the deposit and run!

Con #2 – for many people, this would definitely be the upheaval. Not many people like to have builders in the house for more than a day or two and an attic loft conversion can take many weeks.

This can be changed to Pro #2 by using Loftus Design and Build’s  ProFastBuild system the process much shorter; typically around three weeks.

Many people who have considered attic loft conversions in Guildford, for example, have found that planning rules are a bit of a minefield. By employing a dedicated attic conversion company, this Con can fast become a Pro, as they will do all of the paperwork for you.

You will also be safe in the knowledge that the work will be building control compliant. Building controls can be said to be both a Pro and a Con also, as they can be tricky to adhere to but on the other hand do ensure that all attic loft conversions are safe and well built.

A signed-off piece of work is always handy when you come to sell and will give peace of mind to the buyer that things like party wall agreements are properly in place.

Get Your Attic Loft Conversion in 3 Weeks or Less. Guaranteed!

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