Attic Conversions London

Attic Conversions in London Give You More Room To Live In

As much as you love your kids there comes a time when if you tread on one more concealed Lego brick or small plastic toy you will scream – if you are at or near that place in your life, you might be ready to consider contacting a London attic conversion company to see about the practicalities of having a play room made out of the spare space in your loft.

Attic playrooms are really only suitable for older children, because they will not be under your eye all the time as they will be several floors away, but it is worth thinking ahead. If you have toddlers at the moment, you could always use the space for your own bolt hole and then hand it over to them when they are bigger.

>If you really think ahead and install a bathroom at the same time, you could end up with a very useful partly self-contained unit for the children when they are students or even if the worse comes to the worst, back at home after university, an increasing trend. A reputable London attic conversion company such as Loftus Design and Build would be happy to provide you with drawings so that you can see the potential.

One thing you might worry about when planning your attic conversion in London is the mess that it might entail. Especially if you have children in the house, you won’t really want to have builders trailing through all the time for weeks and weeks.

If you choose your attic conversion from Loftus you wouldn’t have that problem, as they prefabricate most of the sections off site, so you can be assured that almost all of the mess and dust will be happening elsewhere, not in your upstairs!

Most of the on-site work is just the finishing touches, so there is scarcely any upheaval. Attic conversions, London or any other location being all the same, can be very stressful, so if you can minimise that it is certainly a consideration when you are deciding whether to go ahead.

Thinking ahead and using the attic space for a playroom, study, self-contained unit and beyond is certainly a good plan when you are thinking about an attic conversion. London property prices make it by far the best use of your hard earned money.

The 10 year insurance backed guarantee from Loftus Design and Build is a comfort if you are thinking long term – they build to very high standards anyway, but knowing that you are covered further down the line is an added bonus. So, the next time you tread on a Lego brick or a discarded toy, don’t just jump around screaming and certainly don’t worry – the answer is an attic conversion!

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