Need a Loft Conversion in Hanwell West London?

If you are planning to have a loft conversion in West London, we would love to hear from you. Here at Loftus Design and Build we are confident that we can provide the best service of any Hanwell loft conversion company for many reasons, but mainly because we can complete your job with far less disruption for you.

Many people look into arranging a loft conversion but then are put off because of the length of time the job will take and also the fact that there will be a lot of mess and noise in the house. Because needing more room for a growing family is the main reason for deciding on a loft conversion, most people have small children in the home and the last thing they want is banging, crashing and mess all through the place, so often their dreams of more rooms in the loft fall at the first hurdle.

This is why Loftus Design and Build can mean that your loft conversion in West London can be a reality after all. We have a special method of building which means that almost all of the mess and noise takes place at our premises, not yours. We do all of the major fabrication in our purpose built workshops, so the little work that must take place in your home (as little as 20% of the whole) is less messy and disruptive, as it is simply a matter of fitting – things like loft stairs, for example – and finishing off.

This means that instead of a typical build length of six to eight weeks, we can be in and out in as little as three, meaning that disruption to family life is kept to a very manageable minimum. While we are working off site, we keep you totally up to speed on how things are going, because we know you are excited about your new room and want to know how it is coming along.

Unlike many Hanwell loft conversion companies, we project manage the entire job, so you don’t have to chase around trying to find the right person is you have a query.

We are also more than happy to share testimonials with you. Many of our customers have come to us by word of mouth, but if you are the first of your friends and work colleagues to decide on a conversion of your attic, you need to know what other people think – and other people think that our service is second to none when it comes to design, completion and after care.

When you add the fact that we also offer a ten year guarantee, backed by insurance, you will see why most people prefer to have their loft conversion in West London completed by Loftus Design and Build.

Call us on 0845 519 7391 for expert advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation, site survey and estimate.