Simply The Best Loft Conversion In Hammersmith West London

There are many loft conversion specialists in Hammersmith, but before you decide on who you will employ to carry out this work for you, there are a number of questions you should ask first. Costs don’t vary too much from company to company and you will have already worked out how much you can afford, but there are other issues which are if anything rather more important than price.

* How long will it take?

Unless you come to us at Loftus Design and Build the answer from most London builders will be an eye-watering 6-8 weeks. Bearing in mind that this will mean workmen in your house most days in that time – and mess and disruption in the house even when they are not there – this is something that will test the patience of even the most long-suffering family.

Here at Loftus Design and Build, however, we will be able to halve that time, as most of the fabrication takes place off-site in our dedicated workshops. What that means to you is that you have very little mess in the house, because all the sawing, hammering, dust and mess has happened elsewhere. The work that we have to do in your home is mostly just finishing and fitting, so you will have very little disruption.

* Do you give a guarantee?

Most loft conversion specialists in Hammersmith will give a limited guarantee, but here at Loftus Design and Build we are confident that our 10 year, insurance backed guarantee is one of the best you will find. We are sure that our work is of the very best standard and quality we still want to back it up with this special cover, to give you even more peace of mind.

* Is the loft conversion properly project managed?

Many London builders subcontract and this is where some of the project management tasks tend to fall through the cracks. We make sure that we complete all areas of the loft conversion ourselves and project manage it in-house throughout, ensuring that our high standards are to be found throughout the entire job. This makes it easier for you because should you have any questions during the project, you know where to come and you will moreover be speaking to someone who you already know and trust.

Having to chase all over London to find someone who knows what is going on is not the best experience and so we make sure you will never have to – just give us a call at any time and we will endeavour to answer your question. If the person on the phone doesn’t know the answer, they will certainly know someone who does! Loft conversion specialists in Hammersmith just don’t come better than Loftus Design and Build.

Call us on 0845 519 7391 for expert advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation, site survey and estimate.