Experts in Loft Conversions in Acton West London

If you have been considering a house extension but are concerned about losing too much of your precious garden, you might consider contacting an Acton loft builder to extend into your attic space instead. We are happy to come and see you to discuss what we could help you achieve and we are confident that you will find Loftus Design and Build’s comprehensive service just what you need.

We have many years of experience in loft extensions and in that time we have developed our very special off-site construction system, which minimises the mess and disruption in your home.

When you contact most specialists in loft conversion Acton, they will give you a build time of six weeks or even more. When you consider that that means mess, noise and a lot of family inconvenience (at the very least) you might be put off having the job done at all. If the timing happens to coincide with cold weather, you can forget being warm and cosy, with doors opening and shutting all the time and also cold draughts coming through the house when the time comes for fitting the Velux roof windows.

With Loftus Design and Build, your disruption is taken down to the bare minimum, because hardly any of the work actually happens in your house.

We have developed our system to such a high degree that we now do 80% of the work in our own dedicated workshops, meaning that only the final fitting and finishing actually takes place on site. This means that almost all of the mess and noise takes place away from your home and so you will not have to contend with sawing, hammering, sawdust and chaos for months on end.

Our typical completion time is as little as three weeks. Choosing an Acton loft builder is not easy but if you only take into account the short finish time and the lack of disruption, choosing Loftus Design and Build is really the obvious option.

But we are pleased to say that that is not the only reason to choose us. We also offer a very attractive ten year guarantee, which is backed by an insurance policy for your added peace of mind. So if you really don’t want to lose a piece of garden, make sure that when you search for loft conversion Acton, you visit the Loftus Design and Build website.

What you see there in terms of quality of build, testimonials and our unique features – such as the off-site construction method – will convince you that we should be the people you trust to convert your loft and give you the extra space your family needs.

Call us on 0845 519 7391 for expert advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation, site survey and estimate.