Choosing who to build your Loft Conversion in South West London

In these days of mortgage famines and a slow housing market many people are choosing loft conversions in SW London and indeed in most of the area inside and around the M25 corridor.

The trick is, once you have decided on this way of giving your family more room to breathe, is finding the right builder from the choice of loft conversion companies. South West London is a large area and you will find many building firms who can undertake loft conversions, but there are many pitfalls to avoid to make the process as painless as possible.

Before you decide, you should make a list of all the questions to ask and, more importantly, listen very carefully to the answers!

1. How long will it take?

The answer will probably be that loft conversions, south west London being quite a busy area for builders, take around 10 weeks or more. Some builders won’t give a time estimate and those you should avoid like the plague.

Loftus Design and Build typically take around three weeks, with most of the work happening off site. This is an important question, because you certainly don’t want builders tramping through your house for any longer than you can help – don’t forget that as they are working in the loft, there won’t be a single floor in the house unaffected.

Check out part of our system in the video to he left.

2. How much mess will there be?

To be fair, this is a hard one to answer, because what constitutes a lot of mess for one person might not bother another. You can expect a certain amount of upheaval for any loft conversion.

South West London builders are probably no messier or neater than any other part of the country, but you can be sure that if you use Loftus’ ProFastBuild Off Site Modular Loft Conversions system it results in less dust and other builder mess because around 80% of the work is done at our offiste workshop premises. Only the finishing is done on site and that is by definition far less intrusive.

3. What space will it give me?

It is hard to visualise the space you will gain when you are just looking at the loft with your head stuck through a ceiling hatch while you balance on a ladder. You will need to see detailed plans, as provided by Loftus as part of the service (terms and conditions apply), and it is a good idea to compare the sizing with a room downstairs.

Then you will be able to see if it will give you the extra room you need.

Don’t forget to allow for space lost on the floor below for stairs – many people don’t do this and can end up being disappointed.

4. Is there a guarantee?

You won’t get a guarantee from all loft conversion companies in South West London, but you will from Loftus Design and Build. Our 10 year guarantee is backed by insurance, so you have complete peace of mind.

Do you want a professional loft builder for your south west London home?

Our unique ‘off-site’ build system can be done without planning and uses the most innovative building techniques– all fully compliant with current building regulations – to ensure you get to enjoy your dream space as quickly as possible and with less mess, less stress and less fees.

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Our amazing loft extensions are also available to residents of West London – including Chiswick, Ealing, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Acton – & Surrey and all surrounding areas.