Choose Loftus for your loft conversions and attic extensions in Richmond Surrey


When you choose Loftus Design and Build for your loft conversion in Richmond, Surrey, you will have certainly made the right decision. Deciding to convert a loft needs a lot of thought and it is very important that you consider all of the pros and cons before taking the plunge.

Here at Loftus we are convinced that we can deliver the very best loft conversion you could want and with a minimum of mess and disruption.

What puts a lot of people off having a room created in the attic is the thought of having workers in the house for weeks or even months on end. Especially in the colder winter months this is not at all an attractive prospect.

This is why we are so proud of our mainly-off-site construction methods, which mean that 80% of the job actually takes place out of your house. We make up the main units of your London loft conversion in our workshop, which means that most of the mess, dust and noise happens well away from your house. When all of the units are ready and only then do we move in to your house to install and finish the job.

This means that from your point of view the job takes typically three weeks to complete and it also involves almost no mess. We are the neatest of the loft conversion companies operating in Richmond today.

You will have put a lot of thought into choosing your Richmond loft company and we hope you choose us. Something for you to consider when weighing up your options is that Loftus Design and Build do exactly what we say we will – we design your loft conversion right to the last detail, we don’t simply slice your attic space in two and add the odd door and flight of stairs.

Until you are totally happy with what you want, we don’t even begin to convert your loft – just tell us what you want and we will endeavour to oblige, from playroom to bathroom, from Mum’s bolthole to a student apartment. And while you are still mulling over who to choose, don’t forget that we give a ten year, insurance backed guarantee which will give you added peace of mind when the job is all complete.

When typing in ‘Loft Conversion Richmond’ to your search engine you may have come across companies which offer London loft conversions but which make a very important exclusion that they cannot undertake to convert truss roof spaces. Loftus Design and Build have created a solution to this common problem so if this is the construction of your house, don’t worry – we are a professional loft company who can help make your dreams of more room in your house come true.

Call us on 0845 519 7391 for expert advice or to arrange a no obligation consultation, site survey and estimate.

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