Ealing loft conversion planning permission is not difficult to obtain – normally unless you live in a listed building and don’t intend to substantially alter the profile of the roof, a loft conversion comes under ‘permitted development’ and doesn’t need permission. Loftus Design and Build are very experienced and can advise on whether anything does need to go to planning and if it does, can prepare the loft conversion plans, examples of which can be seen on request. DIY loft conversion plans are acceptable to most planning offices, but you need to complete them to a high standard; by and large, they are best left to the experts.


Share your loft conversion ideas with us

When you have a site visit and estimate from one of our experts, make sure you share all your thoughts at the time. It is far easier to include things in your Ealing loft conversion plans costings at the beginning than to try and add things later on. It is bound to cause problems later on if you want us to add things when the building process has begun – it may even prove impossible, so make sure you have everything you want sorted before then. If you need to see some bungalow loft conversion plans examples to help you understand what’s what, we can share some with you from previous projects and compare them to photos of the finished item – many people find this helpful.


What will our Ealing loft conversion plans cost?

If you are using Loftus Design and Build to convert your attic, absolutely nothing. We provide a plans to completion service in which the loft conversion cost is totally inclusive. Because we prefabricate most parts and have cut down on the time spent working on each project, even a DIY loft conversion doesn’t come close to the low price we are able to ask. We believe in passing our savings on to the customer, so your Ealing attic conversion will be a real investment, having not cost a fortune.


If you would like to book a free no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate, give us a call on 0845 519 7391. We know you will be pleased by our low estimate and don’t forget – that includes our above-industry standard ten year guarantee. If you would find it more convenient, you can contact us online too by filling in the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.