Ealing loft conversion companies – make sure you get the best

When you enter ‘loft conversion Ealing west London’ into the search engine of your choice, you will get quite a few companies to pick from and at first glance they may all look essentially the same.

It is important to make sure that this very major piece of work on your house is done competently and so there are several pointers you should follow when choosing from the Ealing loft conversion companies out there.

Firstly, your chosen provider should be a London builder. This will mean that he will be more likely to be using tried and tested tradesmen  rather than unknown quantities who have just been engaged for the duration of your job.

Although temporary staff are often very competent, it is much better if you are dealing with a team who always work together and who are known and vouched for by the contractor.

Deciding to move up into your loft space is a great way of getting the most out of your home, but it is sometimes difficult to envisage what it will look like.

You should check that you will get a full set of project drawings before you allow work to begin; this way you can visualise the space and make sure that it will deliver everything that you want.

Some loft spaces are considered difficult if not impossible to convert – truss roofs give most builders a lot of trouble, but Loftus Design and Build have a tried and tested solution to this type of roof, so don’t give up if this is what you have in your property.

Make sure that you will have enough extra space in the attic to make the upheaval and expense worthwhile and don’t forget to factor in the space lost on the floor below where the stairs will rise.

Loftus Design and Build give a full ten year guarantee on their work, underwritten by insurance.

One thing you should clarify from the start is how long the job will take, as there is a lot of variation in time spent on loft conversions. Ealing is a busy area for builders and it is important to make sure that they will not break off from your job to go elsewhere, so make sure you have a time in writing.

At Loftus Design and Build we do most of the structural work off-site, so they can give one of the shortest build times of any Loft Conversion Ealing company as well as making far less mess.

If you’re ready to get your Ealing loft converted properly in 3 weeks or less at the lowest possible price then give us a call on 0845  519 7391 or complete the contact form and claim your FREE no obligation consultation, site visit and estimate.