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Loft Conversions in State: Buckinghamshire and Surrounding Areas

Wherever you live, you can easily run out of living space and it isn’t always convenient to move. Up-sizing isn’t easy, with the price hike between a home with two bedrooms to a home with three being more than you can afford, or it might simply be that the children are happily settled in schools and you don’t want to uproot them for the sake of more room. More and more people are looking to their lofts to give them more breathing space and this is where Business Name: Loftus Design and Build come in.

Cheaper than moving

When all the costs involved in moving house are added up, they come to a frightening total. And with up-sizing costing far more than the proportional cost of a bedroom, adding a room in the loft makes a lot of sense. Loftus Design and Build’s prices are always below that of the competition, because they use very efficient methods which don’t waste manpower, always the most expensive element of any job. The other plus when it comes to choosing a loft conversion rather than a move is that you need do nothing – the most that you might want to do is clear the landing and the stairs, but otherwise, that’s it. And anyone who has moved home with a couple of children in tow will tell you that is a very big bonus!

No mess and no fuss

Loftus Design and Build use a system called ProFastBuild, in which the majority (normally around 80%) of the work is done in the workshop, thus saving the homeowner weeks of mess and hassle. What puts most people off having a loft conversion is the thought of living in a building site for months on end, so it is a comfort to know if you choose to go to Loftus Design and Build this certainly won’t happen. Work in the house is usually around three weeks and it is by no means the messiest part, so you can live normally while the work is going on.

Think how wonderful some extra room would be

Even if your Buckinghamshire home is not bursting at the seams exactly, it is always nice to have a bit more space. Whether you decide to give the space to the kids to give them somewhere where they can play without having to tidy up all the time, or whether you are planning on a nice new bathroom where you can wallow enjoying some real ‘me time’, Loftus Design and Build can deliver, on time and on budget. Older homes often don’t have more than one bathroom, so to add one is a real luxury and apart from anything else, it will enhance the value of your home enormously.

No need to leave your lovely location

Buckinghamshire is a lovely county and it would be a shame to have to leave your little corner of it for the sake of an extra room. Another surprise your loft conversion might have in store is that from your lovely new bedroom, you could well have gained an amazing view of surrounding countryside!


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