Brighton loft conversion planning permission is not hard to get because the rules on this kind of work mostly fall into the ‘permitted development’ sector. There are specific rules governing conversions where there may be a change to the roof profile and these are more stringent if the house abuts the road, but Loftus Design and build are very experienced in all planning regulations and can guide you to make sure that your loft conversion ideas are likely to be allowed without alteration. We can show you some loft conversion plans examples so that you can see for yourself what is needed to show the planning office and it is a good way of seeing what might be possible in your specific property.


How much do loft conversion plans cost?

If you come to Loftus Design and Build the answer to that is – nothing! Our service is complete, so you won’t get charged extra for plans or indeed anything else – you pay what it says on the bottom line. We are sometimes handed DIY loft conversion plans by customers thinking to save money and although we are always pleased to see what their vision might be when reduced to measurements – it makes it easier to see what might be possible – we do nevertheless always conduct a full site survey and take our own meticulous measurements. When something is required which needs very precise positioning – for example, a dormer window – there is nothing we trust like our own work! Because we work across London and the South Coast, you won’t find that your Brighton loft conversion cost is more than elsewhere – although property prices in the area are high, we do not reflect that in our estimate, which is based strictly on the job in hand.


Examples help you see what we mean

It can be hard to visualize what you might end up with – not everyone is blessed with the kind of spatial skills to understand plans. Loftus Design and Build can make things easier by providing you with Brighton bungalow loft conversion plans examples, along with images of the completed job. This makes it easier to see what happens to loft conversion ideas when they are translated to paper. It is these precise plans with meticulous measurements that enable us to do so much of our work in the workshops and not in your back bedroom! We arrive at the site with much of the work completed and all we need to do then is fit it and wire or plumb as appropriate. This keeps the mess and cost way down, which is why we are the leading loft installer in the area.


Loftus Design and Build deliver a plans to project service which is second to none. If you would like to book a free no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate, give us a call on 0845 519 7391. This could be the first step towards a roomier and more valuable home. If you prefer to contact us online, please fill in the form below and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.