As you sit and soak up the sun in your lovely Brighton garden, your mind may well wander into thinking how you can give yourself a bit more space in the house without giving up any outside space. An extension can be a great idea, but not if it leaves you with no lawn! The next obvious step is to consider some loft conversion idea plans and here, you can let your imagination go wild. It doesn’t have to be just a bedroom you have up there. What about considering some loft conversion gallery ideas? Could you get great views of the sea or over the downs with a lovely big dormer window? Don’t just think it – call Loftus Design and Build to discuss your loft conversion design ideas and make them reality.


Minimal mess with Loftus Design and Build

Many people fall at the first hurdle when considering a Brighton loft conversion because they don’t want mess, noise and disruption for months on end. If that is what is stopping you making your loft conversion bedroom ideas a reality, don’t worry. With Loftus Design and Build you get a properly constructed attic conversion without all the hassle. All the units are built from scratch by expert craftsmen in a dedicated workshop before being installed in your home. We estimate that at least 80% of the work takes place off site using ProFastBuild, so when we move in for the final stages, we are likely to be in your home for around three weeks and the mess and noise – sawdust, hammering, we know where you’re coming from – has already happened miles away!


What do loft conversions cost in Brighton?

Firstly, we work across London and the South and our prices are the same wherever we are. So you don’t have to worry that your location will bring added costs. We do the complete project, from plans to the final dab of paint and this is what our estimate will include – if you give us your budget and your basic loft conversion plans and ideas, we will itemise everything so you can see exactly how much it will be; with Loftus Design and Build the bottom line really is the bottom line, with no added surprises. We do a full site inspection before we begin and discuss any problems we may run into in advance, because we don’t like surprises either. With our long experience of planning restrictions – very few in most cases – we will be able to tell you from the outset whether what you want is feasible.


If you live in Brighton and have some bright loft conversions ideas you want to make a reality, call Loftus Design and Build on 0845 519 7391. We are the first choice across London and the South for anyone wanting a cost effective, low mess service, so why not arrange a free no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate today? If you prefer to contact us online, please fill in the form below.