Brighton dormer windows planning permission is usually no problem to obtain, but if you are thinking about such a project, don’t worry about trying to look it all up, just call Loftus Design and Build. We have a huge experience of loft extensions of all kinds and have all the knowledge at our fingertips. Basically, assuming your property is not listed, a dormer window is possible in most circumstances. Loft conversions have a few planning requirements mainly based on volume created, but when it comes to dormer windows, most rules relate to whether the dormer is within the basic shape of the roof. If it does not increase the height or hang over the original eaves, it is normally acceptable, but in some cases, especially if your property abuts the road, it is as well to check.


What different dormer window styles are there?

Dormer windows have been around, architecturally speaking, for over five hundred years but the essential style is the same, differing in cladding and roofing material. This will obviously be largely dictated by the existing house materials and Loftus Design and Build will make sure that the new dormer windows will be in-keeping with the house in general. We often use Velux windows, which are of course the market leader but within that, we can finish off the final fitted window in any style that seems right. If your building is listed, a dormer window may not be allowed, although planning departments do vary. We will submit your Brighton loft conversion ideas to the relevant authority to see how we can proceed.


Do dormer windows cost a lot more?

If you discuss a dormer window with Loftus Design and Build from the outset, it will be included in any costings we produce. If you have a budget, a dormer window will be included in the total. We don’t believe in having ‘added extras’ so you won’ suddenly have a bill which will send your loft conversions costs soaring. Attic conversions with dormer windows can give that little bit extra headroom and if you want a nice light room – for a studio, say, or a playroom, they certainly do give that extra special something.


Loftus Design and Build can make your loft conversion dreams – including dormer windows – all come true, with little mess and disruption and for a very affordable cost. Call us on 0845 519 7391 to arrange a free no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate for our industry-beating plan-completion attic conversion package. Please fill in the form below if you would prefer to make contact online.