Brighton is such a lovely city that most people who live there are not keen to move away, but sometimes a house just gets too small. If this has happened to you, you may have considered an extension, but these can eat into the garden and in some cases an extension isn’t practical; in a terrace, for example. A loft conversion is another option but many people are put off because they worry that the cost of converting a loft may be beyond their budget. If you are one of these people, give Loftus Design and Build a call for a loft conversion quote – you will probably be amazed at how cost-effective this is. Loftus Design and Build make almost all of the elements of the new room in the workshop, cutting costs and man hours at your property, so our prices are lower than most competitors and for that you get a proper loft extension, made and installed by experts in the field.


Does a dormer loft conversion cost a lot more?

Dormer windows can add to the price but if your property would suit them, they do add a lot of light and headroom to your attic conversion project. Loftus Design and Build employ a lot of dormer windows in our loft conversion plans and they certainly do add to the finished room or rooms. Like other parts of the project, they are built in the main offsite and installed towards the end of the work and we are very familiar with fitting them, so the extra cost is not huge. We have also made sure that costs have not risen much compared to Brighton attic conversion costs of 2014, so you are even more likely to be delighted with your estimate!


Attic conversion prices v. the cost of moving

This is an easy sum to do – a converted attic will give you the space you need at a much lower cost than a move. If you have a home that is ideal in all other respects, such as good schools, great location, sea views etc, it seems a shame to move just to get an extra bedroom, so why do it? In fact, on the subject of sea views, many of our clients who opt for a Brighton attic conversion find they have a sea view they didn’t have before – it had been wasted on the tiles and chimney before conversion! In Brighton as in all seaside towns and cities, a sea view is an extra incentive when the time does come to sell, giving you even more reasons for carrying through your loft conversion ideas.


If you live in Brighton and are considering an attic conversion, give us a call on 0845 519 7391. Loftus Design and Build do up to 80% of all structural preparation in the workshop, minimising the upheaval and mess in your home as well as cutting costs. If this sounds good to you, give us a call to arrange a free no-obligation consultation, site visit and estimate. If you prefer to contact us online, please fill in the form below.