Brighton is one of the most sought-after cities in which to live along the whole of the South Coast and if you have the perfect home which is getting a bit of a tight fit for the family, you probably don’t want to move. It is miserable being under each other’s feet all day though, and you may have come to the conclusion you have no choice. Wait! Loftus Design and Build can help you convert your loft into a fabulous new room, which you can use for any purpose, from a lovely family room to chill out in, a cinema room that really deserves the name, a bedroom for your children or – perhaps best of all – a secret location just for you, complete with indulgent bathroom en suite!


Move up in your own house rather than up-size to a new one

Up-sizing is always relatively expensive when you consider you are only aiming to get one more room. It isn’t just the added cost of the house you have to consider either – there are agents’ fees, loan arrangement fees; so many charges You may have to move to a less pleasant area to be able to afford a bigger house and that seldom works – moving into the loft is a brilliant way of making more space and with our ProFastBuild method, with up to 80% of all the work being undertaken in the workshop, you won’t be living in a building site for months on end either.


Catch a new view

With Brighton surrounded on all sides by spectacular scenery – in one direction the Downs, in another the sea and for some lucky people the Pavilion – you might find that your loft conversion will give you a whole new perspective on the city. Views nowadays are worth a lot when it comes to selling your home and you might find that being able to put ‘sea views’ on your estate agent’s listing will mean your house just flies off the shelf. If you currently live in a bungalow, having a room in the roof will give you a lot more room – often almost as much as downstairs – and with the addition of dormer windows you could end up with a very lovely sitting room with views out into the Channel. Much better than the TV and something that changes every day.


A bit about our unique ProFastBuild system

One of the worst things when having a loft conversion has to be the mess and upheaval and with the best will in the world, there has to be some. Loftus Design and Build have come up with a system that minimises all that – most of the creation of walls, doorways and floors is done in the workshop, so that the pieces just have to be assembled on site. This cuts down on much of the mess – sawdust, wood shavings etc – and most of the noise and also means that the process in the home is much shorter, so it isn’t half as disorienting as a loft conversion once was. If this sounds good to you, give us a call on the number below.