Main Types of Loft Conversions

A loft extension or conversion offers a great opportunity to increase the size and functionality of a property and is often counted as one of the most popular types of home improvement. If the right thought and planning is put into designing the loft, it is possible to take advantage of what was once unusable space inside the home. It isn’t just the extra space for a living room, bedroom, office, or games room that the loft extension is able to offer but also a significant increase in the potential marketable Cheap Ray Bans value of a property once completed to a high standard.

Basically there are 4 main types of loft extension. However the available choice of loft design is often dependent on the existing roof void, height, and design. Here are the main choices available to the typical householder.

Loft Conversions

Dormer Loft Conversion:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Dormer loft extensions involve changing and extending the roof structure which is highly effective at creating extra headroom and floor space. A dormer loft is perfect to increase the overall wholesale nfl jerseys living space within the home while also including a decent sized window in the loft area.

These extensions come in a range of designs, which might consist of the flat roof, hipped roof, and gable fronted jordan retro 11 dormers. The flat roof dormer is generally believed to offer the most space. However, they aren’t the most attractive in relation to design. Whereas, the hipped roof and gable fronted conversations offer a more attractive appearance, but are more restrictive in relation to space and can be quite costly to have installed.

Hip to Gable Loft Extension:

A loft extension of this type involves altering the external shape of the rooftop. Hip to gable conversations are highly effective at adapting the loft area to include a Cheap Jerseys decent sized loft space, which can also include sufficient space to accept a fitted staircase.

As a consequence of making structural changes to the rooftop, this extension type often needs the consent of planning permission before the work can be started.

Mansard big Loft Conversion:

A mansard styled loft extension offers the perfect opportunity to maximize on usable room space within the top-level of a property – although this type of conversation is more typically seen in city properties, rather than properties in suburban areas.

Velux Loft Conversion:

The Velux loft extension (also referred to as a Skylight loft extension) is a perfect choice for those wishing to modernize the loft space on a smaller budget. An extension of this type generally involves fitting skylights or Velux windows into the properties existing roof structure.

This is a great option if there is any difficulty in obtain the required planning permission for some of the other conversation that require structural changes to roof.

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